Why do you need a VPS ?

        The execution and transmission of tradings are shown in the following figure:


It can be concluded that the delay in executing trading is a very important aspect of trading. When the distance is long enough, it takes about 200-1000m or more to issue transaction instructions to the documentary receipt of transaction instructions, and the price will change when the time is extended. This is caused by technical reasons. It may reduce your profits or even expand your losses. Brokers are different, and their servers are different. The farther the two servers are, the longer it takes to transfer data. For example, our trading signal platform is ICmarkets. Their server is in New York. If your platform is the same as ours and VPS is in New York, then the average transaction delay is only 1-10 Ms. If your server is in Aliyun, Shanghai, China, the transmission time is needed from Shanghai to New York, the average transaction delay is about 300 ms, if the market changes dramatically. We have opened the order. You will not open it until 300 ms later. At that time, the price is no longer the price of our order. In the long run, this is not good for the documentary.

        In fact, the picture above is still one step short, that is, the last step ,VPS receives the signal and executes the transaction. This transaction instruction also needs to be transmitted to the server of the broker where the documentary account is located. So, to sum up, the process of data transmission is as follows:

        Trading Signal ProviderThe Broker Server where the Trading Signal Provider is locatedTrading Signals ReceiverThe Broker Server where the Receiver of the Trading Signal is located

The signal is transmitted in three segments. If each segment is very far away, it will be a great deal of transaction delay. So, if we use ICmarkets accounts as signals, then you'd better use ICmarkets accounts or servers in New York's broker's accounts for billing, and you also need to use stable VPS in New York, so that the signal transmission distance is the shortest, Copying the signals can be executed faster and better.

        Actually ,the best is local following signals, and you can save the cost of VPS, we will configure everything here.

In addition, if you need a separate VPS, we can provide you with the VPS of the designated area you need. All hosts are independent IP. Only you know the login password after you receive the login information and change the password. We can't find the password for you ,Please keep the password properly.

        The location of VPS : America → Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Silicon ValleyDallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Silicon Valley ;

                             Europe→London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris ;

                             JapanTokyo, Singapore, Canada, Australia, etc.

        All hosts are equipped with Windows Server 2008 R2 system at the following price:

        Host No. 1 : $8 per month. Configuration: 1G memory, 1 core CPU, 25G SSD, 1000M bandwidth, 1000G Net flow;

        Host No. 2 : $18 per month. Configuration: 2G memory, 1 core CPU, 50G SSD, 1000M bandwidth, 2000G Net flow;

        Host No. 3 : $40 per month. Configuration: 4G memory, 2 core CPU, 80G SSD, 1000M bandwidth, 3000G Net flow;

        For other configurations, please contact us (click on the bottom QQ avatar, or online chat, message service in the lower right corner).

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